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Kate & Matt's Wedding 22nd July 2017: The Story

This was every bit the fairy tale wedding that every little girl grows up dreaming of and i'm sure every father wants for their child. This really was the real deal, a super car of weddings. every box ticked, every detail carefully examined and re examined for perfection, but what really made it was that it was all about family.

Let me assure you this was no occasion that 14 photographs headlining a blog could every justify, this is a tight nit family with four generations on show, people who know what family means to them. Add to that unbreakable friendships that really have lasted a lifetime and you have the ideal recipe for some magical moments to be created.

The Bride and Groom looked every piece the part from the outset today, literally beaming as if being followed by an enormous spotlight the entire day, celebrity status quite rightly afforded them. They accepted this attention with class and modesty, thanking every person they spoke to and taking the time to appreciate the day.

The day started in true fairy tale style, St Nicholas Church, Wallasey is a grand stage for a wedding. High roof beams, wooden seating, flooring and doors, Stained glass windows depicting iconic biblical theater and the traditional long center isle that every father dreams about one day walking with their pride and joy down. On that note however if you ask Steve this morning, that is not the most straight forward task after all, especially when the lady next to you is wearing an 8 foot trail behind her! In true Kingly fashion he styled it out however and delivered his princess to the alter in one piece and on time....sort of! (Kate's time keeping was mentioned more than once throughout the day!)

A special mention to the Reverend Jeff. As a clergyman he produces humor, emotion, sensitivity and...musical prowess?! stopping briefly to have a chat with the flower girls he kindly asked to carry on...."ok" young Erin agreed and away he went. For the many in attendance we were treated to a singing lesson also, "you may be the worst i have ever heard" Jeff exclaimed! of course by now any nerves were well and truly settled, clearly the Reverends intentions, and it worked.

Finally then the father of the bride accepted Matt into his family and following a lengthy pause for objections............(Jeff explained his favorite part!) our Bride and Groom were formally married. Violins welcomed the newlyweds and as the bells rang out traditionally informing the Village of the news...although most of the village was present! you would struggle not to be moved by the service and the occasion as a whole.

Onto the reception then and for many it meant a quick hop into their cars and off down the A41 to Combermere Abby, Whitchurch. Wow, this place really does blow your socks off as a venue. The rain and storm clouds stayed away just long enough to enjoy reception drinks and photographs in the sunshine before being invited into a spectacularly decorated formal room for the reception and of course the speeches! The room was decorated immaculately, flower laden tables lined with sparkling champagne glasses and candle lit in every inch. Given the entirety of the responsibility for decoration laid at the fingertips of the Bride and Groom and their extremely helpful and generous parents considered, this was incredible.

The speeches flowed, full of emotion, laughter and thanks to the best man a moment of gasped hilarity...If i say Wales, those in attendance need no more reminding. For Steve a moment to really present his pride. He held his nerve wonderfully and allowed us into a few funny stories along the way, also a chance to explain his Daughters timekeeping a little more! The speeches further offered evidence of just how important family and friendships are to this family. In each address a clear statement described of memories and anecdotes always met by a loud cheer from the "Uni Girls" and the "home girls". The Vicar said "Rather than the very fancy car, it was Love that brought these two here today", this room proved that beyond doubt.

It is said that Kate's family "The Bells" have often a strong will when it comes to emotion (being gentle) so when Kate's cousin Karl began to smudge away a tear during the aforementioned speeches, he was left to spend the rest of the evening explaining to his cousins, and dad what he was doing..."I had something in my eye! i promise" I'm not sure his cousins will let him forget for a while however.

If you thought the Church and ridiculously impressive venue was enough then the food and evening entertainment to follow would make your eyes water. Spanish themed tapas and paella washed down with traditional sangria and Jaegameister...correct, miniature personalized bottles for every guest! If you thought you were coming here for a quiet night and a shandy, you were hugely mistaken. What was so evident in this moment was the sounds of continuous laughter in the room. with every turn i could have taken hundreds of photographs each of a smiling face and enjoyment. The top table still brimming with pride could look out into the room and be very confident and happy with the huge effort they had made and a guarantee their toil was a success.

As the night progressed guests were treated to Live music and given the dance floor was full to the brim from the first moment to the last, this was clear confirmation that either the guests approved of the set lists or the Jaegermeister was still well in effect...I would testify to both! Fresh chip shop fish and chips and a final rendition of Take That's never forget and the night was soon drawing to a close. Of course guests were treated to coach travel home back through to Merseyside and all leaving knowing they had probably just attended one of the best days they are likely to have.

As guests filtered out those closest to the happy couple took stock of what they had just witnessed and been lucky enough to be part of. For the parents, months and months of hard work had paid off. For the happy couple a "a lifetime of thank yous is not enough" as described by Matt, all with the same proud feeling to be part of this ever growing, and growing.....and growing family! In keeping with the fairy tale descriptive the King did not loose his princess today, he gained a new Prince, and of course a huge band of loyal subjects.

To the new happy couple, congratulations and the very best wishes for the future. Enjoy your honeymoon, which for clarification is in fact in Bali, not Wales.


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