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Emma & Kevin's Wedding 27.5.17

St Georges Hall, Liverpool City Center was the backdrop this weekend for Emma and Kevin's wedding. Liverpool embraces style, comedy, culture and class and all of those things and more were certainly present as these two made their vows to each other just after 4 pm.

The registrar passed comment that this was one of the most smile filled weddings she had ever conducted! I completely agree, throughout the pair exchanged glances, smiles and held each others hands, Emma and Kevin are the perfect match and their love for each other is infectious and adds to an already positive and vibrant atmosphere.

To the wedding then. St Georges Hall is grand, really grand. The halls are lined with architectural significance, carved stairwells and the ever present history lesson buzzing around its walls. As usual I arrived about 45 minutes early and asked permission to look around and make some preparations. The staff agreed and to be fair they were brilliant throughout the afternoon. The staff here run a tight ship, it is certainly needed but they do so with class and a calmness that puts even the most nervous of grooms at ease, I remember those feelings well myself...don't forget my lines!

Before long Kevin was arriving with his grooms party and guests and there was just enough time for a portrait session in the late afternoon sun before Emma arrived. The lads really set the tone for the afternoon here, always willing to work a little outside the box which has really added to the quality and expression of the photographs.

I have to say also I was absolutely made up with the fun and witty nature of both families. A few minutes after their arrival Kevin introduced me to his father. "Its huge" he said....."Can I touch it?" He was of course talking about my 70-200 lens and yes I let him have a play!

Prior to the ceremony Kevin and Michael his best man were asked to go through some formalities and make a few last minute decisions on the ceremony. The registrar asked Michael to confirm he had the rings...."Of course" he confidently replied before spending a few moments nervously shuffling around in his pockets covertly...sorry Michael, caught you!

And the moment arrived, flanked by his best man, Kevin stood proudly waiting for his beautiful bride to make her way down the aisle with her father by her side. Emma beamed as she entered the room, as the photographs will testify there was absolutely no need to hide their excitement and they duly obliged.

Once the vows were complete Emma fought away the tears bravely, well....we may have seen one or two but well deserved. Their happiness is a privilege to be around and once the tears were wiped away the laughter continued.

On a technical note then, St Georges can be a fairly dark building and so any photographers visiting I would absolutely recommend no less than an f/2.8 lens or faster. My 70-200 stayed pretty much out throughout the ceremony and even then the ISO was bumped to 400 and up at times. The staff are more than happy for you to move around though to get your shots. Any technical issues were easily remedied however by the openness and willingness to work with me by the bride and groom and their party. On a couple of occasions I reassured "This should look good if we can get it" they just smiled and went with it.

Following the portrait shots outside I said my goodbyes and wished the happy couple well. On a final note it has been a truly challenging week for this country but days like today really do restore your faith in the human race. I genuinely wish Emma and Kevin the very best of happiness and luck in there future together and as always am grateful for choosing me to capture their special day.

Have a great bank holiday one and all,


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